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Murdock 13 is an instrumental metal band from Chicago. Influenced by 80's and 90's metal/prog and hair metal as well as Bay Area thrash and NWOBHM bands.


Murdock 13 is instrumental project created by former Punchy Keaton guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Andrew W. Murdock. Murdock 13 is a heavy metal instrumental act that features primarily heavy rhythm guitar in a melodic style. Drawing on his influence of 80's and 90's metal acts, as well as more modern progressive artists, Murdock adds his own style to create a solid offering to the metal community. 


Andrew W. Murdock is a North American heavy metal guitar player, songwriter, engineer and producer. Beginning his musical journey as an accomplished piano and saxophone player, Murdock always wanted "more" from an instrument. At the age of 11, he received his first guitar and immediately knew that he found what he was looking for.


Growing up on 80's pop, metal and hair bands, Murdock formed his first band, Harlequin, in the fall of 1990. With the exception of a few side projects, Harlequin remained his primary focus throughout high school. Establishing a solid local following, Harlequin kept at the grind and opened for several national acts while also recording a few albums as well before they disbanded in the summer of 1994. At this time, Murdock enrolled at Columbia College in Chicago to pursue a degree in sound engineering. During his time at school, Murdock recorded four instrumental solo albums and played in several bands, including Tunnelface, MRKT RAT, Dead Ladies and Dynamite Life Raft. In 1998, after finishing school, Murdock headed west to Southern California to embark on a career behind the boards. While fun and lucrative, Murdock missed the stage and creating his own music.


Returning to Chicago in 2000, Murdock found what he was looking for. He founded the 3-piece punk metal band Punchy Keaton, taking on the duties of guitar player, lead vocalist and songwriter. Enjoying the success of a decade of albums and tours, Punchy Keaton disbanded in 2010. Taking a much needed break, Murdock decided to put music on hold and focus on family.


In 2016, Murdock embarked on his first solo project in almost 20 years, Murdock 13. Taking a different approach then he did with Punchy Keaton, he went back to his hair metal and NWOBHM roots and got to work. The result was the 2017 worldwide release, Escape the Aftermath. Recorded at NJ67 Studios by Murdock himself, he states that it was a very cathartic and emotional process. Featuring heavy guitars, no vocals and gritty production value, it was exactly the sound Murdock was after. Shortly after its release, Murdock quickly went to work on a follow up album, Hunter, which released in January 2019.


2020 brings the release of a new EP, Meredith, as well as a few other small projects.

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Murdock Studios

In late 2019, Murdock lunched Murdock Studios. A small, independent studio offering post-production mixing and mastering. Focusing primarily on post-production mixing, as well as multi-track editing and mastering. Murdock Studios work closely with clients to ensure the projects turn out pristine.